What To Do Before Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup Services Arrives

Sewage backups are one of the most troublesome incidents that could occur in a home. This is because it can cause extensive damage to property, severe health problems, and also a high level of unpleasantness. These can all, however, be remediated by employing professional sewage backup cleanup services. Cleaning a sewer backup requires an enormous amount of time and effort as well as specialized disinfecting products and purification techniques

Depending on the severity of the situation, it is important that you take a few steps to limit the damage as much as you can. Meanwhile, before you think of cleaning the mess up yourself, you should know that rendering sewage backup cleanup service is no small task and dangerous as well. So do not do so unless the spill is very small and wholly manageable.

What to Do After a Sewage Backup

 Since sewage backups are unprecedented and not prepared for, it is imperative to take some basic safety measures as soon as the problem is spotted.

  • Open windows to ventilate the area
  • Remove children, elderly people, and pets from the area until it is safe
  • Turn off electricity and water supply to the house
  • Take any dry, uncontaminated item away from the affected area
  • Add a small amount of bleach to still wastewater, aid disinfection and prevent germs from spreading
  • Make sure you wear the proper protective gear and be extra careful so that your skin does not get in direct contact with wastewater. This is because sewage spills contain harmful pathogens that could cause fatal infections.

In the event of a minor spill(one that is confined to a small area) that you consider DIY, make sure to close doors between the contaminated areas and other unaffected areas to avoid backlash and tracking debris into clean areas. This also ensures that airborne pathogens are not blown into other unaffected spaces.

  • Get rid of sewage water as soon as possible
  • Quarantine any contaminated item immediately
  • Wash down walls,  floors, and other surfaces with warm water, bactericide, and other appropriate disinfectant.
  • Remove excess moisture by letting the area air dry or with the use of a quality dehumidifier. keep in mind that it is important to dry the wet area within 24-48 hours to reduce the risk of mold growth
  • Dispose of contaminated items properly
  • Make sure that upholstered furniture and carpets that have only slightly been in contact with sewage or wastewater are professionally cleaned
  • Carry out water damage restoration throughout the home including all necessary repair works

     These steps will ensure that your home is sanitized and habitable

When to Call for Professional Help

While professional sewage backup cleanup service is undoubtedly the best, it becomes an absolute necessity when 

  • The spill is not confined to a single room of your home
  • When sewage backup has occurred for more than 24 hours
  • When you or a family member have health concerns like asthma or any other respiratory tract disease that can be aggravated by the contaminants in wastewater  
  • When the backup is caused by a large septic tank

   Keep in mind that the longer the contaminated water/sewage sits in your home, the greater the risk of mold growth, health hazards, property damage, e.t.c.

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