What You Need to Know About Ladder Assist

A ladder assist inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of a roof that can only be completed safely with the assistance of specialist equipment. Insurance companies frequently request these inspections after a storm, but they can also be prompted by concerns regarding the roof’s condition or the building’s age. Ladder assist inspections are conducted by seasoned specialists who are trained to identify any issues and to provide a comprehensive report of their findings. This report can then be used to judge repairs, replacements, and other corrective measures.

During a ladder assist, your expert will ascend to your roof and conduct a number of inspections, including:

    • Verifying past repairs
    • Noting any indications of harm
    • Leak examination
    • Age estimation of the roof
    • Conducting a hail test
    • Examining for degeneration
    • Taking photo evidence of the roof’s condition and any damage found

Often, a ladder assist roof inspection will disclose that a roof requires only modest repairs. In other cases, the assessment may reveal more serious damage requiring substantial repairs or replacement. In either case, a ladder assist inspection gives vital information that can help maintain a roof’s good condition and safeguard the property’s investment.

Advantages of Ladder Assist Services

Insurance firms are in business to generate revenue, not to incur losses. Therefore, when a homeowner files a claim for damage to their roof, the insurance company will do everything possible to verify the claim’s legitimacy. This is where ladder assistance comes into play. When an insurance company or adjuster asks a professional to inspect a defective or damaged roof that a homeowner has reported, that is referred to as a “ladder assist.”

Typically, the homeowner will ask their insurance company to compensate for these losses, and ladder assist is just there to ensure that no fraudulent claims are made. Having a ladder assist inspection performed on your property gives the insurance company the go-ahead to investigate your claim and establish its validity. And if it turns out that your claim is valid, you are more likely to receive the roof repair coverage you require. In conclusion, it is always worthwhile to have a ladder assist inspection performed on your house, even if it requires an initial investment.

Your Role

The ladder assist technician will provide the engineer or adjuster with their professional opinion on if a roof repair is justified. You’ll get a broad idea of what needs to be done immediately, but it may take a few days until you receive a comprehensive roof evaluation.

All of this is in the name of openness. Although the insurance company mandates the examination, it is conducted by an independent third party. The insurance company is only protecting its own interests by ensuring that no fraud is being committed. The expert in charge of ladder assistance will verify that your claims are real and reasonable.

Point Roofing Firm is the company to contact if you require Ladder Assist services from a roofing company. We have the knowledge and tools to safely and effectively offer this service. With our assistance, you can rest easy knowing that your roof is in capable hands.

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