When Is A Rubber Spine or Rubber Bumps Allowed?

Are you considering installing rubber spines or bumps such as speed bumps Seattle and want to know how to proceed? Check out our tips here. The rubber spine is a handy accessory for those who want to limit the speed of a place. Easy to install and affordable, it has been an increasingly popular choice in condominiums of different sizes. However, it is common for doubts to arise. One of the most common is permission to install spines. In this context, we will comment on this subject.

Whether you’re the landlord or a resident concerned about the signage in your garage, the most essential point is your site’s traffic sign design. Yes, that’s right! Despite seeming bureaucratic, looking for a specialist Traffic Engineer is necessary. Only this professional has the necessary degree to sign and authorize the project with competent public bodies.

But Is This Really Necessary?

Neglecting documentation puts the condominium at risk of fines. Any resident who feels wronged will be able to seek justice, and the procedural flaw will be found. In this way, the liability falls to the liquidator and other responsible parties. Therefore, doing the right thing, in addition to being safer, avoids future problems.

Having the signature, the condominium will have permission to install the rubber spine. In addition, every trustee must consider internal processes, such as voting and similar processes. Be sure to check out our rubber spine at this link. We deliver all over Brazil, and we offer a warranty. Our spine has the following characteristics:

  • Prevent accidents by preventing fast vehicular traffic
  • High visibility
  • Possibility of adapting to any size of the road
  • Installation can be done in approximately 15 minutes
  • Via released immediately
  • It is not necessary to hire specialized companies for installation
  • If necessary, the spine can be relocated

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