4 Brainstorming Tips For Flat Refurbishment In London

Coming up with ideas about your flat can be truly exhausting, with even the smallest space bursting with possibilities and options. But how can you truly know where to start and the best approach to take when it comes to sorting the wheat from the chaff?

Here are some of our favourite brainstorming exercises and ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Starting with-

1.Considering your furniture: Let’s be honest, it’s making decisions about your furniture that stalls the process for most people. Take a moment to set any other planning or renovation decisions aside for the time being and settle on two or three key pieces of furniture to add to your flat that you will use every single day. These can be as simple as a sofa, your A/V setup, bed, or kitchen table. Once chosen,  settle on a unified style choice that ties them all together. Is this vintage, classic, antique, modern? The choice is yours. Once decided, start researching these and – slowly but steadily – start adding them to your home. This can quicklylet you make a profound change to your aesthetic that will quickly bleed out the rest of your home. And, when it comes to Flat refurbishment in London, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to nailing down the specifics.

  1. Looking at your list of options: Sometimes the hardest thing about making changes to your space is simply giving yourself a deadline and time to reach a concrete decision. If you considering a space in your home, spend some time creating a long list of a range of possible options for your update and save them to your desktop in a folder. Then, leave it to percolate in your head. After a few days, come back and cut that long list down to a top ten. Then a top five. Finally – once you have a top three – go and visit vendors in person or visit spaces to get a sense of what you want and how it will physically look in your space. Once you’ve settled on your final choice, pull the trigger and finally commit! This can be a fantastic trial run and help break the seal on the rest of your planning and decision-making.
  2. Considering your time: There are only so many hours in the day and making them count is essential. Whether you are considering a small redesign or refit, decide exactly how much time you can honestly commit to the project without it affecting your work/life balance and work backwards from there. A couple of hours? Print out some high-quality art images on photo paper and hang them in locations in your house. A long weekend? Finally get around to finally repainting that spare room you’ve been promising yourself you would look at for years. A week? Well, the world’s your oyster. Taking the time to make a decisive first step can bring a sense of progress and completion and encourage you to continue. Try it and progress will follow.
  3. Creating a mood board: While this may seem like a bit of hackneyed idea, mood boards can genuinely help even the most indecisive renovator start settling on a consistent aesthetic. A trip to sites like Instagram, twitter, or even Google Image Search can quickly throw up a wealth of inspiration that can help prompt changes to your home. Pages like Pinterest allow you to quickly cultivate an overall sense of what design works best for your space, with the depth of research helping you to make the right decisions quicker.

 Learn some amazing brainstorming advice for flat refurbishment in London to make sure your home stays stunning no matter what choices you make.

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