5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tiles

Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. From machine-made ceramic tiles to handcrafted clay tiles imported from Mexico, there is a perfect tile for just about any use. The trick is choosing the right tile for the right location. Get it right and the results can be nothing short of amazing.

Clay Imports, an Austin, Texas company that specializes in handcrafted tiles imported from around the world, says that finding that perfect tile is all about stepping back and thinking things through. It is about taking a complete inventory of the space before making a choice.

Here are five factors to consider when choosing new tiles:

1. Tile Placement

The most important factor is tile placement. In other words, where are the tiles going to be used? Let’s say you are planning a bathroom remodel. You want the entire space to be covered in tiles. That’s great, but there are certain kinds of tiles you cannot use in a bath or shower as they will not hold up against the water.

You could use a ceramic tile in the shower but choose a clay tile for the floor. You could use ceramic throughout. There really is no right or wrong.

If you are looking at tile for the back splash in the kitchen, you will be less worried about water. There may be water concerns for a kitchen floor, though.

2. Foot Traffic

All floor tiles should be considered in light of foot traffic. Heavily trafficked areas obviously require a more durable tile that can be easily cleaned. Conversely, less sensitive tile products can be chosen for areas with less foot traffic.

Along the same lines, some people choose a separate tile for the home’s main entryway. This may be a larger tile than what is found throughout the rest of the home, and it is likely to be a tile that is more utilitarian.

3. Installation Concerns

One thing a lot of people forget to think about is the installation of their new tiles. The fact is that some tiles are harder to work with than others. So if you are tiling a complex space required a lot of odd cuts and strange fits, it might be wise to choose a more forgiving product. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on tiles that are difficult to work with and then go on to regret all of the waste created during installation.

4. Resale Value

If you are planning to install new tiles because you are hoping to increase the resale value of your home, tread lightly. While new tile floors do add to a home’s price, the amount of value they add may not be commensurate with the amount of money you spend.

It’s best to consult a real estate agent prior to choosing tiles for this purpose. An experienced agent can give you a good ballpark estimate of what to expect in terms of resale value. Then you can cost your tile and installation appropriately.

5. Look and Feel

Finally, the look and feel of a new tile is obviously important. The big thing is to ask yourself whether or not you are attempting to create a uniform look and feel throughout your home. If so, it is important to choose a tile that not only matches the room you are working with but is also consistent with the entire house.

Choosing new flooring can be a fun and exciting experience. When it comes to tile, there are so many choices that it can take a while to figure it all out.

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