Anakin’s Lightsaber History

In 1977, Anakin’s lightsaber first appeared in the original film “Star Wars”. This historic cinematic feature depicts Obi-Wan Kenobi presenting the weapon to Anakin’s son, Luke Skywalker. Quickly learning how to wield the lightsaber, Skywalker used it in his early years as a Jedi. In the book series, during a brutal match with Darth Vader, Luke had the opportunity to show off his skills but was soon debilitated. His sister, Leia Organa took over the fight to allow Skywalker to recover. Leia, though a skilled combatant herself, was only able to hold off Vader briefly. Skywalker managed to finish the match with the spiritual help of Obi-Wan, incapacitating the exhausted Vader by severing his right arm. Vader becomes disoriented and fell into a well, ending the battle.

In another famed skirmish, Skywalker entered Cloud City on Bespin to rescue his friends. Using his prowess with the weapon, he impressed the Sith Lord. However, in the end, lost his hand along with the sword in a battle with Darth Vader. The appendage still attached to the saber fell into the depths of Cloud City.

In the book series, though notoriously belonging to Anakin, the tool was passed around to many different individuals, making it hard to track at times. It was carried by Mara Jade and used in multiple battles in her possession. It was apparently in the hands of the Dark Jedi for some time. The weapon was a part of the Grievous’ collection while the General plotted to kill Skywalker with it.

The famous prop was used in many more conflicts throughout all of the Star Wars movies. It was used to not only fight and protect but often utilized as a different type of device. In the Battle of Hoth, Skywalker, in need of a way to destroy an Imperial walker, used the weapon to open the bottom of the walker. After doing so, he threw in a grenade effectively wiping out the enemy.

Though the lightsaber changed hands many times and was used in many battles, it still remains the iconic image of the Star Wars movies and books. Its elegant movement and resonating sound makes it one of the most astounding props of all time. There isn’t a Star Wars fan who hasn’t contemplated purchasing a lightsaber just for fun or even to brag about owning one.

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