What to Look for When Buying iron double doors

Heavy Duty Steel

Most iron double doors today are, in fact, made out of steel. Iron was once widely used, but is prone to rust and very heavy. Steel construction retains the same look, but is much stronger and resists rusting. When shopping for an iron door, make sure the material is a heavy duty steel. Avoid “iron doors” that are just painted aluminum or plastic as they are prone to breakage.


Just like with any window or door, strong insulation will keep your energy bills down. Look for glass that is double pane and sealed to the door. Single pane glass panels that are just set in, and not sealed, are not only prone to breaking, but also offer little to no insulating value. The edges of the door should also make a tight seal when closed and locked.

Operable Glass Panels

A true mark of quality in iron double doors is operable glass panels. This means panels that can be opened and closed independent of the door itself. This lets you crack open the glass panel to let in a nice summer breeze without leaving your entire door open. Static glass panels, those are ones that can not be opened, are often flimsier than operable panels and mean that if you want to let in a breeze, you need to open your entire door.

Strong Hinges

Iron double doors are heavy. That’s part of their appeal. They are sturdy and will last through the ages. However, this also means they weigh more than your typical wooden door. Regular, screw on hinges aren’t going to be enough to secure these doors. Make sure you look for something more durable like double-barrel hinges. An added benefit of these hinges is that they can be greased by the owner to keep the door swinging freely. With regular hinges on a wooden door, you’d have to call a carpenter to get the door re-set.

Weather Sealing

Iron doors have come a long way from the wrought iron gates of long ago. Modern iron double doors can be weather sealed giving your home an added layer of protection. Iron doors can now be filled with a weather sealing material to add a an extra defense against the weather. Also keep an eye out four double pain glass, weather sealing strips along the edges, and a tight fit when the door is installed in your home. Good weather sealing not only keeps your energy bill down, but keeps your home repairs costs low.

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