5 Reasons to Rent Furniture Instead of Buying

Furniture makes homes functional and inviting. It also brings out the look and feel you want to achieve. To this end, the pieces of furniture you select should be aesthetic and practical at the same time. However, great furniture costs a lot of money. Hence, a common dilemma that troubles someone who is buying furniture is to rent or buy it.

5 Reasons to Rent Furniture Instead of Buying

If you are moving into or moving out of a new house, do you buy or rent furniture? There are several reasons why furniture should be rented instead of purchased.

Ideal for Short-term Moves

If you are moving into a new house, and you anticipate another move in the next few years, you will still need furniture for your current house. In such cases, renting instead of buying furniture makes logical sense. Besides the money you will be investing in buying furniture, you have to spend more to shift the pieces of furniture from your house to wherever you will be moving. On the other hand, when you rent, you need not invest a lot. If you are sharing your house with someone, you can ask them to share the monthly rental bill, which can still bring down your expenses. When you share your place with someone and they already have a few pieces of furniture, then you could just rent the necessary furniture to fill the house.

Hassle-Free Option

Does the thought of going to a store to pick new furniture baffle you? You should visit at least a few stores, arrange for delivery, and if required, assemble it. Besides, committing to expensive furniture can be challenging. There is no guarantee that you will always be staying at your current rental house. You will be moving to another property, and your expensive furniture set might not fit its space or decor. If you had rented the furniture instead of buying, you could just return the furniture to the rental company when the lease period is over. The rental company will pick up the furniture making the process of moving out pleasant. Similarly, in your next place, you can pick the furniture that will suit your new space and rent it. You can choose it online and set a delivery slot so that your furniture rental company can deliver.

Home Staging Made Easy

Are you planning to sell your house? Making your house look appealing to potential homebuyers will be one of your primary goals. From boosting your house’s curb appeal to deep cleaning, you need to do several things as a homeowner. However, a soiled couch or worn out furniture can easily spoil your efforts and the looks of the interior. Also, buying furniture just to stage your house consumes a lot of money because furniture of good quality is expensive. Instead, you can rent great furniture that accentuates the beauty of your house. Rental companies also sell furniture collections with pieces that go well together. Your house can look great, and you can save a lot of money.

Redecorate More Often

Why do you want to see the same table or couch day in and day out? Your taste and preferences in the furniture will evolve over time. Selling used furniture when you get bored or donating whenever you need new furniture is a hassle. By renting furniture instead of buying, you can experiment whether certain furniture pieces will fit in or suit your house’s decor. You can try different decor and setup every few months or at least once a year, which is not possible if you own your furniture.

Try Before Buying

Before buying the expensive furniture you like, rent the pieces you like for a month or two. If you are interested in buying a designer couch that is quite expensive, but you are worried about how it will look in your living room, renting is a great way to try it out. If you do not like the furniture, maybe because it does not blend with your house’s decor, you can move on and try new items. Renting gives you a hands-on experience when the piece of furniture that really speaks your current taste or contemporary style costs a fortune.

When you move in or move out of a place, buying, moving, or even selling every piece of furniture you need can consume a lot of time and effort. Renting the furniture you require can make it a pleasant experience. Hopefully, the article helped you conclude the dilemma of renting vs. buying furniture. If you are looking for designer furniture rentals in NYC, you can contact David G. Flatt, Ltd. It has an unrivaled collection of designer furniture rentals that can instantly enliven your home. You can also rent furniture for events, trade show booths, and exhibitions.

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