55+ Retirement Communities Rules In Florida

You have worked your whole life, saved your money, and ready to live the good life. Meaning it is time to retire and relax a little. Some retirees, sell their homes, buy motorhomes and travel the country, moving from one warm climate to the next. There is nothing to hold you down. You have earned it, so why not enjoy yourselves.

It’s Time To Live The Good Life!

Many retirees like to either move to Arizona permanently for the dry warm climate offered there, and others opt for Florida living either part of the year or year-round. There are communities set up just for retirees. These communities ages for Florida Retirement is 55+. This for retirees who just want to be around people their ages. Not that they don’t like kids. They just want to be able to make friends and enjoy each other’s company at the clubhouse, pool, or even some sports activities.

Even though these communities are 55+ communities, it does not mean all people are. If you really don’t want to have any children living near you, you will have to read the fine print. Some communities only require the homeowner to be 55, but not the rest of the inhabitants. A good clue to finding out is if they have more than two bedrooms. 

Most retirees do not need more than two bedrooms. However these communities do allow the grandkids to visit for up to 15 days twice a year, so if you don’t like kids, you may be better off just buying five or more acres, and putting a home there.

Benefits of Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are great, as usually the landscaping is done for you, and even if not, the lawns are small enough to maintain. There are usually pet rules that you must adhere to as well. They usually only allow very small dogs and cats only. You can check to see if there is a pool, fitness center, clubhouse, tennis courts and more. It is great to have all these amenities right outside your door. The best part is, you don’t have to maintain any of it.

If you don’t need any special amenities, then don’t look at this type of community, as it will cost more. You do have to be aware that living in these communities is not a cheaper way of living. With all the amenities comes a hefty monthly lot fee, around $500 a month. 

If you live in a place like the villages with luxury homes, golf courses, and clubhouses, you will be paying in association fee monthly to pay for landscaping and golf fees.

Save Money in a Great Location

Moving to a manufactured 55+ community is a great idea if you are worried about outliving your income. Most people sell their homes in the Northeast and Midwest for a hefty sum, that have already been paid off. If you buy in one of these communities, the living is cheaper. 

You have a smaller home to maintain, as well as yard, so your expenses will be lower. This will enable you to enjoy your remaining years without fear of not having enough money to get by.

Another benefit to living in a 55+ community is the location. Many are located by other amenities as well. They may be on the Gulf side of Mexico, on the east coast, or even by lakes or rivers for fishing. Most are close to medical facilities, shopping, and dining places too. You can be sure to enjoy your retirement living in paradise, for the rest of your “golden years.”

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