How Onsite Curtain Cleaning Is Done

When we mention the words curtain cleaning, the image of tediously hauling down curtains carrying the large load of fabric for a tiring wash often comes to mind. This prospect often makes home owners procrastinate on the getting their curtains cleaned as they wait for a weekend where they have both energy and time. However, with certain expertise and equipment, this need not be the way. Regular maintenance and cleaning of curtains can be done without their removal. How is this done? Read on to find out.

Steaming curtains while they are hanging out is a common service offered by curtain cleaning businesses. The advantages of which is the hassle free process, that being not needing to actually remove the curtain, wash it and rehang it. Instead, steamers can be used to rid the curtain of odors & dust, and freshen it up. The downside of steaming is that it will not be able to remove stains and it requires equipment that the average household may not have. 

The steps for onsite hanging curtain steaming includes:

  1. Inspection or study of the curtain’s material and area. Depending on the material, different techniques will have to be used. For example, certain curtains need strict dry cleaning, as such the steamers must be held at a further distance from the curtains in order to reduce the amount of vapour introduced. 
  2. Pre-treating curtains involves manual dusting dirt off the curtain and removing foreign objects. This is important as they could interfere with the steaming process later. Additionally, a visual search for stains should be performed. Where stains are found, remote chemical cleaners could be used. However, in the event of stubborn stains, a more thorough cleaning solution will be required. 
  3. The third stage involves a full vacuum of the curtains to remove dust or any other dirt particles which the initial sweep failed to pick out. 
  4. Actual steaming begins at this stage. Depending on the type of curtain material, different steamers and techniques will be required to completely remove all stubborn dirt and germs.
  5. Once the steaming is finished, strong dryers must immediately be used to prevent any wrinkling from occurring.
  6. The final step involves deodorizing the entire curtain to give a fresh smell to the fabric. 

Depending on conditions such as the general amount of dust in the area, presence of sea breeze and your family’s tolerance for dust, regular maintenance of your house’s curtains is required. The general time frame would between 6 months to 1 year. 

Hiring professional curtain dry cleaning Singapore services would go a long way towards reducing the hassle of regular maintenance of your curtains. More importantly, it ensures that your curtains remain in good condition and are not a liability to guests who are sensitive to dust. 

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