6 Things to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the most popular home-improvement projects completed each year. It is estimated that the home value increases by about 30% of the cost of the remodel, making it a profitable plan to undergo. Nothing says home quite like the kitchen. Before you start your remodel project, consider these six things.


The kitchen requires the expertise of a plumbing company to handle any moving of pipe or replacement of particular parts. Plumbing goes beyond the kitchen sink. If you want to install a gas line, you need a plumber. Some appliances may need access to water during the remodel, such as a separate ice maker, water softener or water filter system. A plumber can replace old pipes or reroute the lines to move the sink to a new location.


It is a great idea to determine a budget for the project and work to stick with it. Working with a general contractor or designer can help you stay within budget. There are a variety of costs associated beyond the aesthetic pieces, such as faucets and lighting. Any structural or layout changes can be expensive and come with unforeseen expenses. Include some wiggle room in case something unexpected pops up.


How much sunlight currently filters into the kitchen? For many homes, the answer may not be enough. Adding a skylight or additional window can change the layout while increasing sunlight. The added light can make the room feel bigger and lighter than before. Perhaps you only need a new window or a wider one to increase the light in the space.


The kitchen layout should work with your cooking style rather than against it. When designing the space, consider what you can do to improve the workflow and make it a more enjoyable space to be. Maybe you add an island, add countertop space, or put in a double oven. Keep in mind that the size of the kitchen may hamper some plans.


Make sure your new kitchen design takes advantage of all the space in the kitchen. Every piece of square footage should be considered. This is vitally important for smaller areas. For example, maybe you add an island with bar stool access for additional seating. Or perhaps you go with shelves instead of upper cabinets to make the kitchen feel larger than it is.


Last, but certainly not least, consider the appliances you want to put in the kitchen. For many, this is the best part of the design and most costly. Look at what you use and what you want to improve your kitchen time. The options are endless.

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