How to choose the best ac cleaning company?

With so many choices sometimes it will be difficult to pick a company for the service that you are looking for. Do I need to pick the business I see first? Will I choose the one that has the highest review? Want the cheapest? The big business that has no personal customer service, or the small local business? Nobody got time for that, choices and so many choices.


We know how precious time is and we wanted to provide you with a quick guide to help you choose the best air duct cleaning company for you.


Service Price


We realize that each person has their budget and doing an ac cleaning service may be a little more than anticipated. Another suggestion to note is to inquire if the price includes cleaning the entire system (supply ducts, main trunk, cold air returns & furnace) or if there are additional charges, such as transportation, furnace cleaning or service fees.


Check Out their Online Reviews 


It is important to look up the company in at least a few review sites, just to make sure that it is legitimate for this product. There will be a real business going on at some review sites. Read their reviews a few times, and check their rating. Don’t trust all of the feedback on their website, mainly because they’re going to post the best reviews to look good.




It is always important to check for the professionalism of the company before you approach them for their service. Check the online review’s, seek information from any of your friends who previously have hired their service. How professional they are, how much expertise are they in the service they are offering. All these are needed to take into consideration before hiring the service. Having a Business License is required and it is recommended that you have Liability Insurance in case anything happens to your house. And when you’re calling ask or see if they’re mentioning it on their website.


Customer Service


Last but not least customer service which is the company’s first impression. There are a lot of businesses out there with good customer service, but generally in the first call you will get the look. Was it responsive? Did you answer any questions? Were they comprehensive? Have they acted pushy? A good company should train all its employees to value your happiness and treat you more than good, so that they can leave you with their best impression.


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