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There are many gorgeous varieties of plums, and we sell several of them. We are proud to offer you plum trees that we grow ourselves, which can give you confidence to buy plum tree online. You know where your trees are coming from, and you can depend on the quality of our trees as we lovingly care for each one and maintain the integrity of our stock at all times.

With a fan-trained plum tree, you can beautifully cover a wall or fence, and the crops are very large on established trees. Your garden wall doesn’t need to look just like a wall anymore, as you can decorate it with a gorgeous plum tree to provide shade and fruit.

Your fan-trained plums will need an area of at least 180 cm x 180 cm to grow in successfully. You want to make sure that you have a designated area for your trees to grow in so that they get all the sunlight and growing room required for them to become well-established and to provide a wonderful crop each year. Additionally, they need a south- or west-facing aspect to grow the best. However, there are some culinary varieties of fan-trained plums that will grow well on an east-facing wall.

We give you young trees that are ready for fan-training. We have not pre-trained them. This is because it is typically better to fan-train a plum tree in place instead of buying a fully-trained older tree. You have more leeway in deciding how and where the tree ought to grow. If you want it to cover a wall, for instance, you can make sure that it does so the way you want when you plant it.

We sell many varieties of fan-trained plum trees, so you can choose the one or ones that are most interesting to you. For example, we offer the Violetta fan plum tree, the Victoria fan plum tree, Rivers Early Prolific fan, Opal plum fan, Marjories Seedling fan plum, Kirkes Blue fan plum, Jubilee fan plum, Excalibur fan plum, Czar fan plum, Burbanks Gian Prune fan tree, and Blue Tit fan plum. From these varieties, you can select the most delicious and beautiful plum tree for your garden.

When you buy plum tree online from us, know that we care very deeply about our stock of trees and that we use generations-old propagation methods to maintain the integrity of our stock before we sell them. You’ll get high-quality trees that will produce well for years to come.

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