Characteristics that make Colonial styled home stand out

Nowadays architects and builders of Tortola have again returned to the colonial architecture but they have combined it with an array of different design materials. Colonial styled homes have two to three stories, bricks or wood facades, fireplaces etc. These houses generally have rectangular and square structure and the door is placed exactly in the center and a number of windows are present on its either sides. The architects of Tortola real estate have been influenced by classical architecture themes they are reinvigorating it in classical colonial style architecture.

Characteristics of colonial architecture:

  • Symmetrical structure: This is considered as the most notable characteristics of colonial architecture. Mostly there are rectangular and square in shape having clapboard and brick sidings. There can be one or more stories and some also have flanking wings. Two stories building or one and half dormer buildings are its very common designs. These houses have minimal color schemes but most of them are painted white with trims of dark color.
  • Pitched roof: These roofs are basically design for shedding the heavy loads of snow. These roofs have triangular shapes that give more storage space and better ventilation. They are very durable because they inward slopes are present on all the four sides.
  • Balanced window placement: You can see windows on each sides of the entrance and you can also find three to five windows on the second floor of the building. These windows are mostly multi-paned and also double hanged windows with shutters which are considered as a decorative feature.
  • Paired chimneys: A pair of chimneys is placed at the end of the house. It is mainly used to prevent heat build-up during the summers. They are used for providing fireplace on each floor inside the home. It contains multiples flues to set the fire at once in several rooms.

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