LEDs are much smaller and efficient that other lamp:

LEDs are in common usage because there are many benefits of using LEDs. The advantages of using LEDs have convinced people to buy LEDs in place of other lamps. Some benefits of LEDs such as MR16 tube [หลอด mr16, which is the term in Thai] are given below:

  • It is small but has a great flexibility. It allows rays of light to emit in proper direction while going out.
  • These LEDs have a higher color indexing which means that these tubes produce much whiter light than other lights. The higher the indexing is the whiter is the light produced by the source and a lower indexing means that the source produces more yellow light.
  • Halogens are used in LEDs that is why LEDs have much brighter light than other lamps.

The use of incandescent lamps is declining gradually:

The world is shifting towards efficient ways. It is going to the place where lesser energy is consumed while giving maximum output. Consider the example of the advancements in agricultural sector. Today, more yields are produced on the same land by adopting modern tools and techniques. Incandescent lamps waste a lot of energy as heat. Most of the energy gets converted into heat that causes power loss. The light produced by incandescent lamps in yellowish in color that is neither beneficial nor attractive to eyes. Thus, the world is trying to shift towards better ways and means.

You can buy LEDs from online stores:

Mr16 tube [หลอด mr16, which is the term in Thai] is a popular LED. You can easily buy this LED from online sellers. You will get the warranty with the product. The product is tested during manufacturing for any problems and is verified. Thus, you don’t need to worry anymore. You should also replace the incandescent lamps of your house with beautiful and stylish LEDs. LEDs also come in various designs that help in maximizing the interior decoration options. Pick the one that suits best to the interior design of your room.

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