Crystal Chandelier: a Sense of Historical Beauty

The chandelier is a signature of beauty in fixtures and has been one over the years. It is arguably the most popular and enduring decorative objects across most countries, making it one of the primary choices when people are considering place something magnificent in their home.

You may now wonder, how was this classical beauty created? Obviously, it was not from the outer space even though it shines like a star. The crystal chandelier is, however, a star of stars with its unique brilliance and sparkle. Please allow me to tell you the process of the creation for this eye-catching piece of art.

The progress of being shinier

The light started here

The earliest definition of a chandelier is ‘candle holder’, which was used to illuminate church interior, castle and the home of the wealthy. The historical background provides it with the idea of elegance, luxury, and class. The first appearance of a chandelier was around the 14th century, which was made by two wood beam, and at the end of each beam, people placed a candle so that the entire room can be lighted up.

If you say the first existence of chandelier was purely for functional usage, then this beauty started to evolve quickly in the 15th century in terms of design. More complex forms were developed during that time, mainly inspired by the crown, ring and royal elements. Besides its functions, people focused more on decorative features as well as a representation of nobility. Some of Showsun Lighting’s products are inspired by similar factors, and hence presents a taste of the past that some consumers love to own.

A meaningful and powerful combination

Rock crystal was introduced in the 16th century as a precious material in making a chandelier. The extremely high costs and extensive production process made such a specific item can only be enjoyed by the rich until lead crystal was invented in the 17th century.

A British man called George Ravenscroft patented a new kind of glass for crystal in 1675 – flint glass. The lead oxide content allows the material to become much more transparent, more accessible in cutting, and it takes color so that people can experiment different design style. The invention enlightened the French, the now one of the most common material in crystal chandelier was discovered – lead crystal; and it inherited all the benefits from flint glass.

With the advantages from lead crystal, the light that went through the material created a unique spectrum, unlike any other mediums. The chandelier was genuinely alive with its irresistible charm as its designs had been continuously evolved and developed over the past centuries.

Entering the modern era

Another huge advancement in the development of chandelier was the invention of the electric light bulb and electricity distribution network in the 19th century. People no longer required to replace candles every few days, and the light bulb is also brighter, and therefore, more light can be reflected by the crystal and metal frame from the chandelier. This star shined stronger and stronger.

Besides those factors above, artists were looking for entirely new design ideas from nature rather than the traditional crown and royalty. Further, the use of light bulb allowed them to explore how down-ward facing light looked and felt. Ideas expanded exponentially, and there was more room for innovative designs.

Enjoying the crystal chandelier in your home

This magnificent product has been shining for over a few hundred years, and now with technological and economic improvements, it becomes more popular and affordable for many families.

Some companies are striving and working hard on providing the best design and quality chandeliers to the market, as far as I know, Showsun Lighting is the one that can represent the craftsmanship in this group, with its vast range of selections and customized chandelier service to create the unique one that is only for you.

Nowadays, families usually hang chandeliers in either their living room or dining room. The availability in a wide variety of exclusive and elegant designs makes it flexible in adapting all sorts of houses and apartment style, as well as remaining an important part of interior light.

Before we end today’s history class, there are two crucial tips for you when choosing a crystal chandelier that best fit your sweet home:

  1. Make sure you understand the intent of purchasing a chandelier

It means you need to know where you want it to be, and how the chandelier can become the focal point of the room so that it can shine brighter than any products.

  1. Choose the size carefully:

Size matters in this case. If they don’t fit perfectly to your room, the overall effect is not as good as you see it without installation. I am sure you want everything to be eye-catching and pretty, do you?

There are some online calculators specifically for this matter; otherwise I also suggest you contact a Showsun Lighting expert, and they can provide you with the best size for each chandelier design you like.

With its authentic taste, a chandelier is the one that can massively improve the feeling of your home. Serving dual purpose in both illumination and decoration, it is a perfect finishing touch for a great interior space.

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