Which methods are used for cleaning commercial carpets?

Carpets are used in the commercial building for covering the flooring and prevent the chances of fall injury. But, it is also considered as a major source of infections and allergies if you do not clean it regularly.  In Minneapolis, there are many office owners who hire commercial cleaning agencies for cleaning the carpet of their office and provide a safe environment to their employees. Commercial cleaners use various methods for removing the build up dirt from the carpet and kill bacteria using reliable cleaning agents. 

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Different methods which cleaners use for cleaning commercial carpet – 

Bonnet cleaning – it is consider as one of the best methods for cleaning commercial carpet in which Minneapolis Best Carpet cleaning agencies clean the top surface of the carpet. In this method, heavy duty motorized machine with spinning pads are used for removing dirt and dust. Spinning pads are immersed with cleaning solutions which absorb dirt from the surface of carpet. It is highly used in hotels because it is consider as a quick solution for cleaning carpets in heavy traffic areas. 

Encapsulation – in this cleaning method, synthetic detergent is used as the base which crystallizes into powder form when it dries. Professionals apply synthetic detergent on the carpet surface for enclosing loses dust particles in carper fabric. It also requires less water during cleaning so your carpet will dry quickly and will be ready for use.

Dry carpet cleaning – dry carpet cleaning is highly in demand because it does not take more time in drying the carpet. There are many cleaning compounds available in the market which do not require water for removing dirt and dust from the carpet surface. In this method, carpet cleaning agent is applied at the bottom part of the carpet by using motorized rotating brush machine.


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