Give your summer touch of winter

The world today has become a busy place. No one has time to meet and greet the dear ones on a daily basis. Hence, family gatherings and certain special occasions are the time people eagerly wait for. These moments are planned in advance to make everyone comfortable. Proper air ventilation is one of the ways by which you can ensure the comfort of the family members.

Various air conditioning systems are available in the market as per your requirement, budget and the size of the house. The value of air conditioning is appreciated mostly during summer. You can either use split or a ducted air conditioner. Split air conditioners are comparatively cheaper and easy to install. Ducted air conditioners, however, must be installed at the time of construction of the home.

Ducted air conditioners use ducts to distribute air evenly across the room,unlike split air conditioners which cool only one room. Many suppliers like action air Brisbane provides modern ducted air conditioners allow setting different temperatures for different rooms. However, the typeof air conditioner to be selected depends on the kind of property you want to use it.

What is a ducted air conditioner?

Ducted air conditioners are mostly used in large areas like offices, shopping centers, etc. But, it is gaining popularity even for residential purpose. A ducted air conditioner has a central location from where the air is released. It uses ducts to transfer air evenly in different places. If you need the uniform temperature in a larger place, ducted air conditioners are the best option.

What is a split air conditioner?

A split air conditioner is split into two units, i.e., evaporative heat exchanger and the condensing heat exchanger. Split air conditioners are less costly and easy to install. It is best suited to cool a single room. Split air conditioners are less effective if you want to maintain an equal temperature in a larger space.

Benefits of using a ducted air conditioning

  • A ducted air conditioner is the best product to provide sir from one source to multiple outlets.
  • It introduces fresh air in a high occupancy room,and the air is conditioned evenly in the room.
  • It blends perfectly with the décor of your home or office.
  • Ducted air conditioner makes less sound as it can be situated in less noise making areas like the ceiling.
  • A wall-mounted thermostat controls the heating and cooling of the system.

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