Tips for Choosing Your Front Door

Choosing your front door is not just about choosing a hue and style. This essential element must certainly harmonize or contrast with windows, but it is also the first element that your guests see when arriving home. The front door offers you protection from cold or drafts, intruders, and shield you from the heat by supporting the power of the windows and other openings. In short, it simply guarantees your comfort and tranquility and must be carefully chosen. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing your front door.

#1: Consider the materials of your front door

The first criterion you need to consider when choosing your front door remains, above all, the material. Alu, wood, PVC or composite, each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

In PVC, the front door adopts a more modern style. It resists both weather and UV, temperature differences and shocks. Some are hybrid with a sill and several aluminum elements while all aluminum models do not deteriorate over time and have a very broad decorative offer.

#2: Select your style

Apart from the materials of which your front door will be made, another important thing you should consider when choosing your front door is your style. Manufacturers have now made this easier as they now offer more and more varied and original models in terms of shapes, aperture types, and colors.

To choose your front door, start by asking yourself the right questions: do you want a standard or custom door? Is it a question of putting a solid or glazed door? Some styles will determine the choice of material for your front door.

#3 Consider your safety

Another point of vigilance when choosing the front door is security. Different devices are marketed to avoid intrusions. To choose correctly, refer to the type of lock: automatic, lifting or multipoint (A2P standard) as well as burglar-proof accessories such as angles, non-breakable hinges, the chain of security or the stay. There are also armored doors that meet very strict standards. Note: Always check the opening direction of the door before ordering your favorite model!

#4: Choose your gateway: evaluate thermal performance

Another essential point when choosing your gateway is the thermal performance. To improve the thermal comfort of your home, prefer a double-glazed entrance door and equipped with specific insulating panels like the ones from Renovco. Other accessories can promote insulation including the seal between the opening and the frame or threshold. 

In any case, check the energy performance label associated with the door, knowing that the letter, between A and F, and the Ud coefficient are used to make a decision. The quality of the insulation should be a priority if the door is oriented full north or northwest.

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