China High Temperature Doors Tempered Frameless Building Toughened Proof  6mm Fire High Borosilicate Heat Resistant Glass - China High Borosilicate  Heat Resistant Glass, 6mm Fire Resistant Glass

There’re several kinds of single piece fireproof glass, including cesium potassium fireproof glass, high compression stress glass, and high borosilicate fireproof glass,with the higher fireproof requirement,some fireproof glass has lost its advantage and the customers trust.


Single piece cesium potassium fireproof glass,factories will spray the fireproof liquids on glass surface and through physical tempering process,the cesium potassium fireproof glass performance can reach 60mins.But as the factories’ processing capability and technology are different,most cesium potassium fireproof glass cannot perform its fireproof performance.


High compression stress fireproof glass,it’s same as normal tempered glass but during tempering process,factories will adjust the tempering parameter and make the glass with high compression stress.The disadvantage of this kind glass ,is glass cannot be made very big,and it’s not stable.


High borosilicate fireproof glass is the newest and most stable fireproof glass,it’s decided by the borosilicate glass characters.


High borosilicate fire-resistant glass contains high borosilicate, boron accounts for 12.5-13.5%, and silicon content is 78-80%. This results in high borosilicate fire-resistant glass with super acid and alkali resistance, and can adapt to a temperature difference of 520. It can be kept at 750 for a long time without any change, and the softening point can reach above 850.



The advantage of high borosilicate fire-resistant glass are: Excellent fire resistance


The ultra-high softening point provides a fundamental guarante for the fire performance stably, and the fire resistance time exceeds 120 minutes. With ultra-high transparency, while maintaining the transparency and beauty of the building, it can still ensure people’s vision in the event of a fire to facilitate escape and rescue.


High-strength and ultra-light performance


The weight is more than 8% lighter than ordinary glass, and at the same time it has ultra-high mechanical strength. The extremely strong and light characteristics significantly reduce the weight of the building.


Excellent optical performance


Low iron, environmentally friendly formula, high light transmittance, visible light transmittance 92%, excellent optical quality provides distortion-free visual effects.


Super high chemical stability


Acid resistance, alkali resistance, UV resistance, and good fire resistance.


No risk of self-destruction


Self-explosion is currently a major hidden danger that is extremely difficult to overcome for building safety glass. Because the raw materials and systems of high borosilicate fire-resistant glass do not contain nickel, there is no nickel sulfide crystal in all glass products, which eliminates the hidden danger of self-explosion.




The high borosilicate glass can be processed by cutting, edging, perforating, and coating before tempering. High borosilicate glass can be combined with other glass to be made into a building energy-saving fire-proof material with better comprehensive performance through the processes of laminating, hollowing, and vacuum.


Double security


Fully toughened monolithic high borosilicate fireproof glass, meeting the requirements of fireproof and safety performance.



High broosilicate fireproof glass now has widely been used in public buildings,industrial and residential buildings,commercial buildings and other areas that require high fireproof performance.


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