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The bedroom is your sleep haven and the bed and mattress are the most essential sleep tools for quality sleep. But the foremost thing that gets attention when you enter a bedroom is the bedsheets. It enhances the decor of the space and also gives a sense of calmness when you enter the room. Before you choose from the online connection of Wakefit to give a makeover for your bedroom, here are a few tips to choose the right one.

Reasons to Choose the Perfect Bedding

There is no doubt that a good mattress is important for a quality night’s sleep. However, not many people realize that the beddings you choose can also greatly affect sleep. On the other hand, the perfect bedding can transform the bedroom. It helps you sleep better, allows you to wake up refreshed and revitalized to face the day ahead. Advantages of choosing the perfect bedding:

  • Better sleep: The bedsheets are the bedding that is in direct contact with the sleeper. So the sheets should be soft and good to sleep on. If they do not offer the right comfort, you will be unable to get quality sleep. When you are well-rested, then you feel better and are productive in the morning.
  • Boosts the comfort of the bedroom: People spend a large part of their lives sleeping in their bedrooms. Hence it has to be a place to relax and get quality sleep. A bedroom should be a sleep haven where comfort should be of high priority. A bed sheet that is beautiful and comfortable gives that coziness making the space more welcoming.
  • Mattress lasts longer: The mattress is a costly investment and one should do everything to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Also if you find the perfect mattress you want to safeguard it so that it remains comfortable. A bedsheet on top of the mattress ensures that the bed is safe from wear and tear. But for that ensure that the sheets that you buy are of high quality.
  • Better skin: Sleeping on good bedding aids in better skin. Having good quality sleep ensures that you have a healthy metabolism, better digestion, and improved skin tone. The quality of the bedsheet also has a great effect on the skin since there is contact for many hours at a stretch. Quality bedding is soft and delicate on the skin and hence keeps it healthy. Also, some of the bedsheets are hypoallergenic and that means no skin allergies.

Tips to Choose Bed Sheets Colors

It is quite a challenge to decide on the bedsheet design and color for your new bed sheet as there are so many options. Follow these tips to choose the right colour:


Personal Style

What is the colour that you like the most? Not sure? Then have a look at the wardrobe for the colours that you wear and purchase.

  • If you have more black, grey, or tan then you should buy colours that are complementary to those shades.
  • If you find that you have lots of yellows, reds, pinks, or other such bright colours then choose colours that you instantly like.
  • Your home is an extension of your personal style and you will always be drawn to colours that you like. Choose something that you like as that personal style reflects all through the house.
  • The colours that you love to wear are a great choice for your bed sheet.

Patterned or Solid Colors

Solid coloured bed sheets and patterned sheets are both elegant and can add great style to your bedroom.

  • Solid colours tend to create a great relaxing space which helps in unwinding after a hard day.
  • If you find the monochromatic colours boring, then it can be layered with darker shades, duvets or pillows can be added to create a hotel-like vibe.
  • If you like the more traditional patterned bed sheets these too work well. It adds to the decor of your bedroom, especially the floral pattern.
  • Choose high-quality patterned bed sheets as they tend to lose colour quickly. Your bedroom wall colour can be chosen as a colour to match your bedding pattern.

Match the Bedroom Frame

Bedsheets are a part of the bed and hence they should complement the bed frame to make it look harmonious. Though there are no rules on matching the bed frame, the general thumb rule is to match lighter colours with dark wood. Bold colours, gel well with metal frames and jewel tones are ideal for beds made with light wood. Experiment with different colours to find the right combination that works best.

Consider the Seasons

Most of the places in India have seasonal changes that can range from moderate to extreme. Consider choosing sheets based on the season.

  • Opt for light coloured cotton bedsheets during warm weather or in summer.
  • Floral patterns or green shades for autumn.
  • A darker shade for harsh winter.

Overall Bedroom Decor

Whether you want to choose solid colours or patterns, ensure that it matches the decor of your bedroom wall. Work with the colour scheme of your room and the house so that they are all well-coordinated. If your house has a monochromatic colour scheme, neutral-coloured sheets are recommended. Whereas if your house has bright colours then opt for solid colours.

Colour theory

Even after following all the tips, you are unable to decide on the colour, some of the colour combinations that look pleasing to the eye are:

  • Purple and yellow
  • Blue and orange
  • Red and green

You can also use colour symbolism

  • Red: It can be used as an accent colour rather than as a spotlight as it is powerful.
  • Yellow: It is a good choice for bedding as it shows optimism and happiness.
  • Green: It is another popular choice as it is versatile and can be combined with blue and yellow.
  • Orange: This is also chosen as it is aesthetically pleasing and can work with any shade.
  • Blue: Another popular one for bedsheets and combines well with any colours.

Many people opt for white sheets as they assume that it helps to sleep better and hence used in most hotels. But it is done so only for the placebo effect. Good relaxation in your bedroom happens due to the right bedding including an inviting bedsheet design and colours that you like. Follow the above steps to choose the bed sheet colour that you like to ensure good quality sleep.

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