Know Different Boilers and Their Activities

European boiler market is expected to show a vigorous growth on account of stringent implication of GHG emission policy on residential and commercial institutions. The European Union (EU) with respective government is imposing strict energy efficient regulations which have forced industries and homeowners to change conventional heating system. The Ecodesign Directive has laid out rules to minimize carbon footing along with developing and implementing energy efficient heating systems. Growing demand for eco friendly heating system coupled with extreme weather condition will propel growth of European boiler market.

The Recent Development

To know about the recent development and government policy regarding boiler contact Boiler installation Edinburgh they will furnish all the details. In recent years space heating is gaining popularity and installation in Europe due to revival of economic growth.  Tilt towards single family and steady economic growth across the society will escalate the growing demand. According to the World Bank report the service value in EU nations raised by 5% from 2013 accounting to US$12 trillion.

Different Types of Boiler

  • Condensing boilers are more adopted by EU citizens due to its low fuel cost, high efficiency and minimum carbon emission. These remarkable features of condensing boilers give them a clear edge over other conventional boilers. Growing environmental awareness along with strict government policy for eco friendly heating system will push further growth of condensing boilers. Non condensing boiler market is estimated to grow by 2% by 2024. Lower price, easy installation and to endure temperature variation are some of the key features to promote the product demand. Low maintenance cost is another advantage of non condensing boilers.
  • Water tube boilers are preferred model in EU nations due to its longer shelf life and safe operation. Competitive price and high pressure handling capacity are some of the key features for extensive installation of water tube boilers in domestic and industrial institutions.  Growing demand of under floor heating system will propel further growth of this sector of boiler.
  • Fire tube boiler in this region is expected to grow by 2% by 2024. Easy installation and low cost maintenance is added advantage for this genus of boilers and favored over traditional heating system. Compressed design coupled with single family prevalence will increase the product demand.
  • Gas fuelled boiler market is assumed to surpass 3.5 million installation by 2024. Relatively less price of gas over fossil fuel and coal, along with energy efficient heating will encourage further growth of this kind of boiler. Extensive gas supply network, standardized price across EU coupled with high operational safety is some aspect to increase the demand of gas fuelled boilers.

Summing Up

The UK boiler market is expected to grow by 2% by 2024. Large scale investment in housing sector along with eco friendly energy policy adopted by the government will drive demand for energy efficient boilers. The availability of gas fuelled condensing boiler coupled with high disposable income in England and Scotland are stimulating for boiler growth. Boiler installation Edinburgh is well versed with industry standards and can safely install gas fueled condensing boiler in your home.

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