Top Material Options for Pergola Roofs

There are various materials to choose from, when it comes to your pergola roof construction. The material option for a roof for your pergola should be chosen on the basis of the size, shape and style of the structure. The kind of materials chosen for this purpose should determine the durability and strength of the construction. Find out about the different types of material options that are available for Pergola Newcastle roofs.


With an aesthetic, colorful roof, you can uplift our spirits. Highly insulating in form, fabric pergola covers can be an amazing choice. Such kinds of pergolas, based on the type of fabric that is used, can help avoid the transmission of heat and prevent damages to the roof or fading of the same. With a durable, tough fabric which can be generally used for boat sails making, ultraviolet rays and other damaging natural elements like heavy rain and sunlight can also be filtered. For a long time, you can enjoy your investment.


Fiberglass is one more variation of roofing for Pergola Newcastle. This one is inexpensive and light in weight. You can cut it easily to size and based on the color of the roof, it allows the light to enter in a filtered way. The pergola can also be protected from snow, rain and other harsh elements of the weather. When these two options are used, UV radiation may be reduced. It is possible to manufacture Fiberglass from recycled materials although plastic might not be an eco-friendly option.


The impact resistance of this kind of roofing material is much higher. Heat transmission, transparency and other characteristics of such a roofing material also make it ideal in many cases. You can expect resistance to heat, flame retarding characteristics and the guarantee that this material is easy to shape. Harsh environmental conditions can be resisted with Polycarbonate, and protection from ultraviolet radiation is also ensured.


The size and shape of metal roofs of Pergola Newcastle can easily be adjusted. You can choose from various kinds of metals, such as copper, aluminum or tin. Metals can be cut and shaped, and wonderful protection from harsh climate is also possible. But there are a few disadvantages, in the sense that these cannot keep the internal temperature cool and the entry of light inside the space is also restricted.

Basically, these are some of the common materials that are used for the construction of roofs of Pergola Newcastle.

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