Practical Solutions to Decorating Small Rooms

Are you looking for practical solutions to decorating small rooms? If so, you will find answers to decorating challenges that many people have encountered in living in a variety of houses and apartments.

Long, narrow bathrooms with a bathtub at one end and the linen closet, commode, sink and counters all on one long side does present a decorating dilemma. How can this room be decorated so it will not feel quite so claustrophobic?

Remodeling is, of course, an option but may not fit into the household budget. One of the best ways to solve this problem of decorating a small room is to use mirrors to reflect light in the room. A mirror placed across from a window will pick up the light coming through the window and reflect it throughout the rest of the room. Make sure that any windows in the room have light-colored window coverings or shades.

Lighting in the form of light fixtures is also important to open the space. Recessed lighting is an excellent choice as well as wall sconces and adequate lighting over the counter space.

Another challenge for decorating small rooms is fitting larger furniture pieces into smallish
rooms without making the space look cluttered. This can be minimized by removing accessories, minimizing the number of art pieces on the walls, keeping the walls all one color, using blinds rather than drapes, moving all photos to a gallery section over the stairs, and ensuring good color coordination with adjoining rooms.

A different circumstance when decorating a small space or room is organizing the furniture. Most people tend to put their furniture up against the wall around the room. An eye-catching way to arrange the furniture is to divide the furniture in small, intimate groupings rather than having one large conversation area. Move the furniture away from the walls and think about placing beds, couches, cabinets and other bigger pieces of furniture on a slant rather than up against the walls.

A problem you may have when decorating a small room is making it multifunctional without
looking too crowded. It’s one challenge to create a room with several functions, but it’s an even greater challenge to make sure there is enough space to comfortably make use of each of the functions.

Using multitask furniture would help this multifunctional room be versatile and accommodate all of the family activities! Invest in furniture that has a dual purpose. For instance, a coffee table with shelves or a lid that opens for storage space or a chair with a seat cushion that opens for storage are examples of dual purpose accessories and are all available on the market today! Select a dining room table that has leaves and can be expanded to a larger size when you need the extra space. When decorating small rooms, keep these ideas in mind!

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