What Lies Beneath: An Overview of Underground Service Locator

When it comes to construction activities, accidentally breaking utilities that are buried beneath the ground emerges as one of the things many contractors are most wary about. With this, underground mapping remains to be a prerequisite of excavation. Thanks to underground service locators in Brisbane, anyone can now be armed with precise and proper image before engaging in the digging process.

What is underground service locator?

Utility Location Services (ULS) is the process of detecting both private and public utility mains that are located beneath the ground.  From pipes, cables, natural gas lines, to other types of utilities, ULS can identify them spot-on.

Under the said type of service, professional utility locators are to create a comprehensive underground map that will guide engineers on how to properly execute any given project. This is usually done conducting on-site inspections through underground camera check, concrete scanning, and electromagnetic detection.

Common devices used in the process

A. IDS Opera Duo – this equipment is one of the latest ground penetrating radar devices used before the excavation process. With just a single scan, it can instantly detect the exact location of pipes and cables hidden beneath the ground.

B. VM-880 Ferrous Metal Detector – this device efficiently locates ferrous metals such as iron, nickel, and other types of hidden assets.

C. S13 Super Small Sonde – while the latter focuses on metals, this tool is designed to trace non-metallic pipes, drains, and other subterranean utility systems.

Why is it important?

There are a variety of reasons why underground service locator should be availed before excavation. To give you a background, here are a few things you should know:

A. Avoid Construction Mishaps

Several hazards have long been associated with the construction field. Without a thorough subterranean space check, workers are prone to various mishaps such as accidentally hitting an electricity or natural gas lines that could lead to fatal injuries or even death.

B. Avoid Possible Nuisance to the Community

Unintentionally breaking a water pipe or cable distribution lines will surely come as a bother to the whole community. Not only will this gain public disturbance but could equate to additional expenses as well.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Be sure to contact the nearest non destructive digging specialist in Brisbane today.

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